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Effective improvement of industrial wastewater quality by filter equipment

With the improvement of industrial level, the pollution of industrial sewage is becoming more and more serious. The amount of industrial sewage also depends on the water use. The water consumption of papermaking, electric power, metallurgy and so on is large, and the amount of sewage is also large. The use of filter manufacturers' equipment improves the quality of industrial wastewater.
At present, the key of water treatment in China is the rational utilization of water resources and the promotion of water-saving technology. The self-cleaning filter equipment directly intercepts the impurities in the water through the filter screen, removes the suspended solids in the water, reduces the turbidity, purifies the water quality and protects the system discharge standards. The system can automatically identify the deposition degree of impurities, and is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, equipment, commissioning and service of water supply system, circulating water system, sewage system and reclaimed water system equipment.
With the help of filtration equipment, our water resources have been effectively protected and rationally utilized. The grim reality tells us to speed up water conservation throughout the economic and social development, strengthen the rigid constraints on water resources in key industries and new projects, promote the transformation of water use patterns in all walks of life, and use filtering equipment as little as possible to obtain the maximum economic, social and ecological benefits. The water quality after the self-cleaning filter treatment not only meets the national wastewater discharge standard, effectively protects the environment, effectively saves water energy by recycling, and the water filter has achieved good results in wastewater treatment since its use.
In addition, the precision filter is the last filtration system before entering the reverse osmosis membrane, which can effectively intercept the particles directly larger than 5 microns in the raw water, ensure the clean and clear water, effectively protect the reverse osmosis membrane elements from scratches, and increase the service life. Precision filter is mainly used in pure water equipment to provide guarantee for water inflow.
The capital of RO membrane is about 10 microns. The larger particles in raw water will scratch the RO membrane after being pressurized by high-pressure pump, which will reduce the desalination rate of RO membrane and even damage the RO membrane. The purpose of adding a 5-micron precision filter before ro is to effectively remove the residues, suspended solids and colloidal substances in the water, so as to make the operation of RO membrane safer and more reliable! In general, a precision filter or a security filter will be added to pure water equipment.

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