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Cause analysis of high efficiency filter damage in use

1、 If the air inlet surface of the high-efficiency filter is dirtier than the air outlet surface, it can be determined that the installation direction of the high-efficiency filter is opposite to the actual (there is a wind vane on the frame), and the original air inlet surface becomes the air outlet surface, which will increase the resistance by about 10% compared with the normal installation method and affect the service life.
Solution: turn the direction, and the filter manufacturer should also turn the position of the sealing strip.
2、 If it is found by naked eyes that the high-efficiency filter is much dirtier than the filter when it is replaced normally, that is, it is very black. According to the user's statement, it is only replaced and used for 4-5 months, so it can be judged that there is a problem in the configuration of the front-end primary and intermediate efficiency filters of the high-efficiency filter, resulting in too much large particle dust blocking the high-efficiency filter.
Solution: improve the filter grade of medium efficiency filter, generally set F8 for construction, and regularly replace the primary efficiency filter (1-3 months replacement), medium efficiency filter (3-6 months replacement).
3、 The final resistance of the high efficiency filter has reached the critical point of elimination. Generally, when the final resistance reaches twice the initial resistance, it needs to be replaced. The air inlet surface of the filter has been blocked severely. According to experience, it can be confirmed that the final resistance of the filter has exceeded the initial resistance by two times.
Solution: increase the dust holding capacity of the large high-efficiency filter and reduce its initial resistance, that is, increase the number of partitions of the high-efficiency filter, which was originally 4 partitions and 8 surfaces, and increased to 5 partitions and 10 surfaces, the cost will also increase, and the service life can be extended by about 20% compared with the original.


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