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Shanghai Petrochemical oil refining Department launched

"responsibility list" to

Recently, Shanghai Petrochemical oil refining Department launched the "responsibility list" of production department, production unit and operation unit for the management of oily water tank, and established the management rules of joint management and simultaneous assessment to fully guarantee the safe and environmental protection operation of oily water tank.
There are 8 oily water pools in the 6 units under the Ministry of environmental protection and water affairs. All the sewage is sent to the sewage treatment unit of the Ministry of environmental protection and water affairs for reprocessing. Oil skimming or mud bailing operations are carried out regularly in the sewage pool to reduce the oil and gas concentration in the oily water pool and prevent oil from being carried out by the sewage.
In order to ensure the orderly and effective implementation of the management requirements of the oily water tank in each link, the Ministry has defined the respective responsibilities of the production department of the waste oil refining department, the joint unit responsible for daily management and the operation unit responsible for oil skimming or mud bailing.
The production department is responsible for the overall arrangement of oil skimming and mud bailing of each oily water pool, and timely production arrangement for the recycling of oil and sludge, so as to ensure that the oil and sludge produced in each operation can be recycled reasonably and timely; each production unit is responsible for checking the oil layer situation of the oily water pool every day, making records, and timely applying for oil skimming to the production department according to the thickness of the oil layer, At the same time, the operation process shall be monitored and evaluated to prevent illegal operation and ensure the safety of the operation site; the operation unit shall take the operation instruction issued by the production department as the sign, carry out on-site oil skimming, mud fishing and other operations in strict accordance with the operation specifications and procedures, and implement the supervision system confirmed by the three parties to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation process.
In addition, the Department has also formulated specific assessment rules, linking the assessment results with the monthly performance assessment of the production department and the combined unit, and with the operation cost of the operation unit, so as to truly implement the management system.

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