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The cracking optimization of ethylene tail oil of Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd

On February 20, the research results report of Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute showed that the research on improving the comprehensive efficiency of ethylene tail oil cracking was successful, and the optimized ethylene tail oil cracking achieved an efficiency of more than 30 million yuan.
In recent years, with the constant acceleration of market changes and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological means, the index assessment of ethylene cracking in ethylene production enterprises has shifted from ethylene yield to the comprehensive yield of "diene" (ethylene, propylene) or "triene" (ethylene, propylene, butadiene). In view of this change, Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute, using the advantages of ethylene feedstock simulation evaluation and technical and economic soft research, actively explored the relationship between various ethylene feedstocks and the yield and economic benefits of cracking products under different reaction conditions with the cooperation of the plant, and carried out the research on the optimization of cracking process conditions, selection of cracking feedstock and the integration of refining and chemical. They evaluated more than 20 kinds of outsourcing and self-produced ethylene production raw materials, followed up and calibrated the quality of some ethylene production raw materials, and accumulated a large number of detailed evaluation data of ethylene production raw materials.
According to Liu Xuelong, the project leader, "after the optimization of tail oil cracking, the cracking temperature of tail oil is reduced from 838 ℃ to 810 ℃, the yield of diene is increased from 48.97% to 50.24%, and the yield of triene is increased from 53.41% to 56.07%. The effect is very obvious. "

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