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Action plan for the implementation of special remediation of environmental hazar

On the basis of the implementation of the "blue water and blue sky" environmental protection project, Baling Petrochemical has implemented the green and low-carbon strategy and implemented the three-year action plan for the treatment of environmental hazards. From 2017 to 2018, the company plans to invest more than 500 million yuan, implement 20 projects step by step from four aspects according to priorities, and further improve the level of environmental governance.
As one of Sinopec's enterprises in Hunan, Baling Petrochemical strictly abides by the bottom line of environmental protection laws and regulations, keeps a close eye on the "red line" of total emission reduction, adheres to the principle of equal emphasis on management and governance, carries out both standard and root treatment, sustains technological innovation, establishes a long-term mechanism for environmental risk assessment, a mechanism for investigation and special remediation of environmental hazards, and promotes clean production.
Since the 12th Five Year Plan, according to the deployment of Sinopec, Baling Petrochemical has invested nearly 1 billion yuan to implement eight "blue sky and blue sky" environmental protection treatment projects, such as flue gas desulfurization and denitrification treatment of FCCU, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification treatment of thermal power boiler, environmental protection treatment of Caprolactam waste liquid incineration plant, upgrading of sewage standards, and environmental online monitoring system. Promote structural adjustment, invest 450 million yuan to build and put into operation a set of thermal electric furnace, and shut down two small boilers.
During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the company has realized the discharge of waste water and exhaust gas up to the standard, 100% safe disposal of industrial solid waste, and fully completed the emission reduction targets issued by the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China and Hunan Province. The total discharge of four major pollutants has been reduced by 78.8%. In 2016, the total amount of four major pollutants discharged by the company decreased by 21.5% year on year. By holding public open day activities and inviting the public to visit on the spot, the practice of "treating the environment is treating yourself well" is widely known and won the understanding and trust of all walks of life.
During the 13th Five Year Plan period, in order to fully implement the national requirements of "ten water, ten soil and ten gas", focus on identifying major risks and eliminating hidden dangers, further improve the level of environmental protection management, enhance the ability of environmental risk prevention and control, put an end to environmental accidents, and ensure the successful completion of total emission reduction tasks and various environmental indicators, Baling Petrochemical focuses on improving quality and efficiency, Speed up the transformation of mode and structure, formulate and implement the "13th five year plan" environmental protection work promotion plan, establish four working groups, including system function sorting, cleaner production, VOC (volatile organic compounds) treatment, soil and groundwater pollution prevention and control, and comprehensive treatment up to standard, define the work progress plan, responsible unit, responsible person and time node, and implement them at all levels.
The company pays close attention to process clean production. Focus on source emission reduction, implement energy efficiency doubling plan, improve energy utilization efficiency, purchase and use high calorific value coal, reduce total fuel consumption; optimize structural adjustment, phase out backward production capacity, promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading; establish and improve environmental management information system and environmental online monitoring system, promote standardization of environmental measurement statistics; include environmental indicators Manage and assess the process parameters, improve the management level of production process and reduce the generation of pollutants.
According to the three year action plan for the special treatment of environmental hazards of Baling Petrochemical, in the past two years, the company will implement 20 projects including total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total cyanogen, nitrogen oxide, water prevention and control system upgrading, industrial solid waste disposal, VOC comprehensive treatment, ultra low emission transformation of coal-fired boiler from four aspects of water prevention and control, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment and solid waste treatment.

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