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The new environmental protection law set off a huge wave in the valve industry

The new "environmental protection law" has made a great impact on the valve industry, greatly improving the illegal cost of valve casting, and really forming a deterrent force for enterprises. In this regard, some enterprises were ordered to rectify, some valve manufacturers' supply speed of wafer check valve blanks was greatly reduced, Qingtian environmental protection focused on the enterprise level, and many measures sounded the alarm. First, frequent inspection and strong publicity. Carry out the inspection mode of "combination of open inspection and dark inspection, combination of daily patrol inspection and surprise inspection, combination of day inspection and night inspection, combination of work day inspection and holiday inspection, combination of sunny inspection and rainy day inspection", increase the frequency of supervision and inspection, timely communicate with the person in charge of each enterprise the problems found during inspection, and eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud. During the inspection, the environmental protection law was publicized again, and the awareness of law-abiding was strengthened by means of on-site propaganda, pamphlets, learning videos, etc. This year, more than 300 inspections were carried out and more than 5000 pamphlets were distributed. Second, regular appointment and strong early warning. Expand the scope of early warning interviews, in addition to warning interviews for enterprises with a case background, and carry out early warning interviews for key pollutant discharge enterprises. Deepen the connotation of the conversation, grasp the characteristics of the interviewees in different industries, form a long-term mechanism of the conversation, effectively strengthen the education of learning, understanding and abiding by the law in enterprises, so that the early warning conversation can really play a role in preventing illegal acts. This year, more than 20 business interviews have been held. Third, we should emphasize training and strengthen responsibility. Special training on the new environmental protection law was carried out and more than 90 enterprise legal persons participated in the training. According to the differences between the new environmental protection law and the current environmental protection law, and in combination with the typical cases, the company interprets the "strictest" laws and regulations in history, strengthens the first-hand responsibility system, enhances the sense of crisis of industrial enterprises, and enhances the awareness of environmental protection of consciously abiding by the law. The company expresses that it will further expand the environmental protection training internally, practically strengthen the sense of environmental responsibility, and adapt to the new situation and new requirements.

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